In 2005, Bussen Quarries and Twin Hollow Associates were approached by the late St. Louis County Executive Buzz Westfall to discuss Cliff Cave Park. The lower portion of the park alongside the Mississippi River was subject to flooding, often putting the parking lot under water and making the entire area unusable. A layer of mud would be left when the waters receded that would have to be cleaned up before the area could be used again. Buzz stated, "The lower portion of the park is a mess, what can you do to help?"

Bussen Quarries, Twin Hollow Associates, and St. Louis County Parks formed a plan to transform the lower portion of Cliff Cave Park into what exists today, but it would not be easy. The plan started with Twin Hollow Associates donating numerous acres of bottom land south of the existing park boundaries to increase the size of the park. Meanwhile Bussen Quarries constructed a haul road from our neighboring property and trucked in thousands of tons of earth and rock to raise the lower park out of the flood plain. We also extended the creek culvert tunnel allowing for a wider access road to the parking lot and pavilion area. Next, we cleared a path and compacted thousands of tons of base rock for the foundation of the 5.1 mile Riverside Trail. In total, the work took around two years to complete. Bussen performed all work and supplied all material at no cost.

Today, a beautiful pavilion, river overlook and a new parking lot sit high and dry when the spring rains come and thousands of people enjoy using the 5.1 mile River Trail for hiking and biking thanks to the combined efforts of Bussen Quarries, Twin Hollow Associates, and St. Louis County Parks.